Vintage 51 XXL

The "normal" Longscale Bass has a 34 Inch scale (86,4 cm). But there are longer scale lengths that allow the low B string to sound just a bit fatter, and provide an overall tighter sound. On special request we can build each Hot Wire Model in XXL scale, 90 cm string length. 

You are rewarded with a fuller sound. The bass is four cm longer, which we compensate with a 3+2 headstock so it still fits in most gig bags or cases. You have to stretch your fingers a bit more in the first positions, but you will get used to it very soon, and you might never want to go back...!

Every Hot Wire Model is available as an XXL Bass!

We recommend the laminated neck! 

Here you see the Inlaw XXL and the Vintage 51 XXL - waiting for action!