flash 24

The Flash Bass has 24 frets and an ergonomic, perfectly balanced shape which you can play for hours on end, looking good too!


We build the Flash neck-thru or bolt-on, and you can choose the wood combination to your personal sound- and weight preferences.

To make it look good, an adequate finish is crucial. A slightly tinted hi-gloss brings out the grain pattern best, a matte finish won´t reflect in the stage lights. Or what about a one-off custom color for the real Rock n Roll feel?



As we have "Sixties" and "Seventies" Pickup positions in our "Vintage" and "Funky77" models we thought it would be kinda cool to have both in one bass to switch from "Jaco" to "Marcus" and also have an extra phat tone when both coils are on!
In the neck position you have two J-sounds plus the mighty P-sound when both coils are on. 

So we developed the "Motherbucker" Pickup which is bassically two of our stacked coil J-pickups in one soapbar cover, plus a 3 way switch. Gives you noise-free access to virtually all vintage Leo sounds known to man... Add to this an active circuitry like the U-Retro, and the possibilities are endless!



Here we have a real P-pickup in front, and the Motherbucker n the back for that lovely old-school-sound with lots of power. Pearl white hi-gloss finish combined with the pau ferro fretboard makes for an elegant look.