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Black Ramp

special request

Need a four-neck bass? Or a fretless with 4 octave neck? Everything is possible - if you envision that special bass that no-one else has, check us out! 

We will provide advice in our Hot Wire Studio, or on the phone (06753/94571), and an idividual pricing. Each Hot Wire Custom Bass is a one-off.

The Ramp

This ramp contains an MM-type pickup in the bridge position, and a P-type pickup in the neck position. Made from ebony, sporting a pearl bass clef inlay. The ramp is adjustable, and the P-pickup too. Hooked up to a special MM-Retro this bass delivers MM and P sound and anything in between.

More Ramp

Here we put the adjustable ramp right between the soapbar pickups. It´s a Vintage 51 model with narrow string spacing (17 mm), matte finish, passive tone control. No frills, just pure tone - loads of them!

Supy Mupy

We don´t have a problem to cook up funny names for our delicious creations! The customer wanted a real gnarly Pee-sound anlong with a funky Mu-Man sound - in one bass! Supee Mupee, I thought! So we made it - he suggested Cobalt Blue surrounded by a binding just like the guy from ZZ Top has... Okay, but we made the binding out of maple instead of plastic. Topped off by a Retro MM 3 Band that really opens up the sound - a real treat!


Hot Wire Meets Lakland

We offer Hot Wire Models  with original Lakland Pickups and Lakland active electronics on special request.

Pictured is the  LH3 System with Neodym Pickups in a Hot Wire Dream Bass with Spalted Maple top.


For all you control freaks out there: One Motherbucker Pickup with two stacked J-Buckers along with a special Retro with a special switch for special pickup combinations! Each switch position has a different sound - all of them sound great!

Three strings...

Built for Magnum Coltrane Price from the Nils Landgren Funk Unit. Swamp Ash Body, Maple Neck, Ebony board with jumbo frets, phat black nylon strings, matte black finish, Hot Wire Pickups, Schaller machines  and ABM Bridge. Magnum requested same neck width as his trusty Hot Wire fourstring... We intgegrated his DOD Envelope Follower right into the bass, with three knobs, one mini switch and a red LED.

Three strings! Tuned C-F-Bb.... "Less strings, more bass," Magnum raves. 

Midnite Special

A player from San Francisco wanted a very narrow neck with tiny frets and a super low action for effortless playing... The neck is only 35 mm wide at the nut (normally 40 mm) and the fingerboard has a flat radius. We used mandolin fretwire and were amazed by the way this baby plays itself!

the workhorse

Our man plays 300 gigs per year, today he plays in N.Y.C., tomorrow in Japan, then he flies over to Paris... He wanted a five string bass with "vintage looks", easy handling with super action and flexible electronics. Not much different from his old J bass.

He requested a "warm round tone along with the thinnest neck you guys can make", a flat fingerboard with dark appearance and  "super-duper" low action.  That calls for an alder body, a strong birdseye maple neck with an ebony fingerboard, flat radius and small frets. He immediately loved it when he got it, and he gets exactly the feel and the sound he wants on stage!