gyro bass

This design took some time to unfold. We started with a Vintage 51 in vintage cream white, but while we were at it juices started flowing, the result being the Gyro bass. Khaya mahogany body with matte finish for a warm sound, sapeli mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and big frets for a phat tone, oiled and waxed for that fine fingering feel.


Our W-Bucker provides a great tone, with serial-single coil-parallel switching each. Neck PU only serial: great P-Bass tone, bridge PU solo single coil: Jaco sends his regards. Both PUs single coil - lovely J-Bass Sound. Both PUs serial - bass in yo face!

More tweaking is possible with East parametric mids electronics, one set per pickup. Omega bridge and Hiphot machines for stable tuning. XXL scale = 920 mm for extra low B definition. There is a Hipshot D-Tuner to take the low B down to low A.  The headstock design was provided by our customer. The rest is up to YOU!

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