Medium Scale Bass

medium force

The Hot Wire Medium Force Bass features the medium scale of 82 cm and is super easy to play but sounds just like his big brothers! Medium Scale is made for players with small hands and short fingers who have a hard time on the long scale bass. Instead of the usual string lenght of 86,4 cm the Medium has 82 cm which is long enough to produce a convicing low E, and short enough to generate a super easy playing feel. Normal scale players can cut loose here - let your fingers fly!


The massive alder body and the slim maple neck provide the bassis for a serious tone. A swamp ash body with rosewood or ebony neck is also possible, depending on sound preferences.

Add to this hardware from Schaller or Hipshot, choose from our pickups and electronics line, give us your favourite neck dimensions, and get a pro bass in just the right size! 

The Medium Force is a groove tool for the allround player, but it can be a great inspiration for the soloist loving fast lead passages, tapping escapades and chord work. Check the solo tuning A D G C to cover melodic phrases in the style of Stanley Clarke. Tuned as a Piccolobass one octave higher it will make life hard for your guitar player!

Pictured in Tobacco Sunburst with Lace Pickups

bassic price 1498 Euro

Club Med Sports Bass

medium body

A fast one for those funky fingers! Maple neck on alder body, fiesta red finish, pearl scratchplate, reverse headstock, Hipshot bridge and Hipshot machines.U-Retro 5 knob: looks good, feels great and delivers...! You won´t stop playing those Stanley Clarke licks...!

  • HWB Medium Force
  • body - alder
  • finish - matte fiesta red
  • neck - maple
  • neck at nut - 40 mm
  • neck at 12th fret - 57 mm
  • pickups - Hotwire Funderbucker
  • electronics - U-Retro 5 Knob Deluxe
  • machines - Hipshot Ultralite
  • bridge - Hipshot String Spacing - 19 mm
  • weight - 3,8 kg
  • scale - 82 cm
medium force body

Any Hot Wire Model can be a a Medium Scale Bass - see the Vintage 51 in medium.

vintage 51 medium