We love the sound of fretless bass! It´s the most direct and pure bass sound, just the fingers pressing the strings onto the fingerboard, no frets in between... 

Simplicity is the ticket: Alder body, ebony neck, passive HotWire pickups - you don´t need more for a rich fretless sound!

super fretless

What do you need for a great fretless sound? Take an alder body for the round tone, a funderbird humbucker which can be switched to single coil, passive volume and tone controls, then add a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, schaller machines and a good bridge! That´s all.... now play...!

lined fretless

Jaco Pastorius took out the frets of his 1962 Fender Jazz Bass and filled up the gaps with contrasting wood filler in the early seventies. He applied several layers of boat laquer on the neck and sanded it to a smooth surface. The rest is history.

Pictured on the left is our "Lined Fretless" , this really helps intonation and orientation on the neck. You can even choose the color of the lines! We searched for the special formula boat laquer, and put it on a rosewood fingerboard... the result is a super slick playing feel and the fingerboard is much more durable.

We offer various types of fretless fingerboards. Ebony is the hardest material, just like on an upright bass, and you will enjoy years of playing fun. 

You can also have rosewood, which emphasizes the low mids and sounds a bit warmer than ebony, but is not as hard. (You could even - on special request - have a plain maple fingerboard which we cover with boat laquer if you require that special look and sound.)

fretless body sound


We love to do special requests because sometimes it leads to unexpected discoveries! In this case, the request of a player for the hot finger sound you get from our Funderbird bass resulted in making a mahogany body for a real full fretless tone! This one also features our double jazz pickup, so you have a real classic "Jaco" sound but also a fuller, hotter tone featuring both coils!

We were glad to fulfill a young player´s dream of the ultimate fretless: an alder body as the base for a great fretless sound, and a bookmatched walnut top for even more improved "singing" qualities of the bass. This really comes to life with our higloss finish. 

Add to that our new "Super Fretless" pickup which features two jazz bass coils under one cover: in the single coil position the string vibration is picked up at the classic location, resulting in a full Jaco-like tone. In the double position, both coils are on, and you have a fat humbucker sound that cuts thru any mix. Active? Not needed on this baby! We want to hear the pure sound of the wood!

Zingo: Classic look, classic sound! Pick it up an be inspired!

A plain ebony fingerboard as pictured here looks cool and adds class to your perfomance. What the public doesn´t see is the side markers we put on so you can´t get lost whether you´re groovin´ low or soaring in the high register! If you feel more comfortable when you can see where the frets would be, we recommend our "lined fretless" fingerboard. This swamp ash body is very evenly figured and has a very fast attack and a clear response. That was the sound the player had in mind when he ordered it.

One cat requested a swamp ash body. "That won´t sound right," I replied, "fretless only sounds good with an alder body." Well, he wanted it, he gotit! And.... the thing sounds GREAT! So... I learned something!


This sixstring fretless has no controls whatever! Swamp ash body (again), ebony neck with lines! And one Hot Wire Soapbar with swamp Aash cover. Coool...