Funderbird Bass


This bass model was on my mind for a long time! It´s a very rugged instrument with hard-rocking looks and sounds! The extravagantly shaped body is made of mahogany, the neck comes from our Vintage Series. This bass is our Tribute to John Entwistle, one of the hardest rocking bass players of all time!


In the early seventies you could see John Entwistle onstage with an interesting bass, a mixture between Gibson and Fender. When I managed to interview John sometime in the eighties for German Fachblatt Magazine, I questioned him about it. In fact they were early Thunderbird models, and John loved the mighty sound they produced, but he did not like the necks, so he had guitar maker Peter Cook put maple Precision necks on them. Peter made some custom T-Bird bodies for John later. John got the best of both worlds, tenderly called them "Fenderbirds" and played them for a couple of years, until he discovered Alembic basses. Go to the Hardrock Cafe in London to see the original! On the Who-pages you can see more of John´s amazing basses!


We designed the body, made of mahogany just like the original, by looking at many pictures of John with the bass. We managed to come up with a body design that looks good and feels great when played either seated or standing with a strap. It is not top-heavy as you might think! 

We use light machines on the Hot Wire neck, and when the player rests his right arm on the body, the bass just falls into the right playing position. We compared the Funderbird with a Gibson Thunderbird bass and the handling and sound are very similar. Of course we offer a fivestring version, as well as lefthand models. Neck width and body color can be determined by the customer.

Funderbird Tech Specs

  • Body: mahogany
  • Finish: Hi-gloss or matte
  • Pickups: HotWire Neodym soapbars or split-coil humbuckers
  • Electronics: passive or your choice of active
  • Neck: Hot Wire P- or J-style
  • Custom specs according to customer welcome!


Variations welcome! Our customer requested a wine-red matte finish, ebony board and, as to underline the boutique character, pickups in wooden covers. One in ebony, the other one in ash, finished in wine-red!

To obtain the ultimate T-Bird Sound, we put some more windings on both humbuckers, but included a coil tap function for a clearer sound if needed. Passive sound throughout, topped off with Hipshot Ultralite machines and bridge for accurate tuning.

The Blackbyrd

Blackbyrd was built for a customer who likes to experiment... two Nordstrand pickups feed into a carefully designed passive switching circuit, this baby rocks really hard...!

NT Bird

Mahogany neck-thru construction, maple board with dark pearl block inlays, candy apple hi-gloss finish and a pearl scratchplate... power courtesy of two Funderbuckers plus U-Retro 5 Knob!

NT Bird 2

This black bird has a neck thru design, finished in deep black sporting the great new Hipshot Super Tone Bridge for loads of sustain!


Razorback is the name of this red-hot bird... The customer requested a light swamp ash body as not to put the weight on his back. Still - this bird pumps like crazy! It has a U-Retro Four Knob circuit, and goes down thanks to a Hipshot D-Tuner.