hot wire bass building

Before we get started to build a bass, we talk to the customer: what sound does he want, what should the bass look like, how much weight is allowed, what´s the price idea?

inlaw  raw

A Hot Wire Bass is a composition of well-seasoned, selected tone woods to deliver the tone required, the finish protecting the wood, also enhancing the appearance. The hand-wound pickups translate the string vibrations into an electric signal, with the electronics processing the signal. The machines and the bridge keep everything in tune and provide the correct intonation. Right down to the choice of strings, all ingredients must be of the best possible quality, made by expert hands, to assure top quality.

Take all this into consideration, and add your feel and fingers, you will get a professional bass tone and can enjoy your music!

Once all details are agreed with the customer, we put it all into a spec sheet containing all parts. This will be checked by the customer once more. Then a drawing is made which also gets checked.

When all data is correct, we get started: the required wood parts are selected and prepared. In the meantime, pickups are made, electronics and hardware is ordered. The build time is two or three months, depending on the project. Here are a few snaps from the workshop.