Berts Bassic Life

The Preachermen 1969

Bert Gerecht, born 1951, first heard the Beatles in late 1963 and knew that he wanted a guitar! He learned to play and became a bassplayer in 1968, playing his first pro gigs in showbands that played in American clubs all over Germany. 1971 the constant gigging became too stressful, and he started to do session with local Acid-Rock and Brass Rock bands.

Tony & The Alligators

After his education as a pharmaceutical wholesaler he went to school again in 1970 to get his university-entrance diploma. During this time he discovered jazz and spent the nights making music in various formations. From 1977 through 1981 Bert studied English and Music at the university of Frankfurt, played the bass in the university big band and supprted himself with bass and guitar lessons.

Mr. Bassman 1980

He got so bored with his studies, he finally founded the world´s first bass shop "Mr. Bassman" in 1980.

Mr. Bassman Ad 1983

The shop became popular very quick among players, and the funny adverts in the music mags attracted customers from all over Germany and even abroad. Until 1986 Bert built about a hunderd "Mr.Bassman-Basses" from kit parts, to customer´s requests, and he all road-tested them before delivery in various bands and styles (Rock ´n´ Roll, Rock, Punk, Jazz, Blues).

Bass-Building mit Mark King, Musik Messe FFM

In the early eighties Frankfurt was a music city with many studios where many artists of then highly popular "Neue Deutsche Welle" were recording. The shop was close to some big venues, so Bert got many contats to international bass-greats.

Matchbox Bluesband Urbesetzung

1986 he got tired of selling basses. He sold the shop to his partners and became a music journalist. He founded a publishing company and published "Der Rasende Bass-Bote" (later to be called German Bass Magazine). He was the bass reviewer for Musiker-Magazin, soon to be called Gitarre & Bass. 1987 he became writer for Fachblatt, back then Germany´s leading music magazine.

Bass-Bote Cover mit Wolfgang Schmid
Bass-Bote Cover mit Wolfgang Schmid

Although "Bass-Bote" was popular among players, the team did not get enough advertising from the big companies. Early 1991 the last issue appeared, meanwhile Bert already had left the company in order to produce his first CD "Bass-Talk".

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Bert grew up in Germany and the Netherlands, now living on a farm in the country of Rheinland Pfalz with his family and dogs. Meanwhile he has discovered his old profession which he had never worked in, and now enjoys working in schools, passing on the rock n roll tradition.

Der Journalist bei einer schöpferischen Pause
Der Journalist bei einer schöpferischen Pause

Bert Gerecht wrote hundreds of articles, interviews, reviews, and CD reviews for the magazines Musiker Magazin, Fachblatt, Solo, Gitarre&Bass, Keys, Soundcheck, the Bass, Bass Professor, Feedback, DRMV Musiker and also for Guitar Player (US), Bass Player (US), Bassics (US) and Music Maker (NL).

Pressefoto 1984
Pressefoto 1984

Bert Gerecht draws from 40 years of experience working with many bands in various styles. He plays bass and guitar and produces tracks in his own studio. 

He has also worked as a product specialist for companies like Peavey, Solton, Pyramid and Saris Music (NL) in terms of artist relations, marketing and advertising. 

Since 1999, he is the CEO of Hot Wire Bass, constantly working on new bassic ideas and overseeing production. "Life is too short for boring basses," he laughs.