In the late eighties I had the crazy idea to produce a record with the music of bass players. I was a music journo on my way to a bass event. German Bass icon Hellmut Hattler was a the wheel, and he played me a lot of unreleased tracks. This is how the idea was born. I knew most key figures of the international bass scene, so I started to contact bass players right away. 

All players thought it was kinda cool. I was friends with Wolfgang Schmid of Pasport fame who supported the idea and gave me lots of useful advice. After one year, I had worked out a concept and a whole briefcase full of groovy bass tracks on my desk, so I started sending out demos to big record companies. After I had received a lot of letters like "great idea, but we don´t hear any hit potential" Wolfgang suggested I should either forget it or do it myself, so I scraped all my dough together and produced "Bass-Talk!"  on LP and CD on my newly founded Label Hot Wire Records.

I did as much work as possible myself to save money. I printed out the liner notes on my Atari computer. I had used my old MR. BASSMAN press photo as an eycatcher on the demo. Wolfgang thought that would be a great cover, so I had an illustrator turn the photo into graphics. All by hand - no photoshop, no fancy computer stuff. 

1989 Hot Wire Records was founded as a platform for the music of creative bass players. Bass-Talk probably was the world´s first concept album with the music of and for bass players.

On behalf of Hellmut, I managed to land a distribution deal with Intercord and the LP and CD came out in Dec/Jan 1989/90. Bass-Talk! sold reasonably well. In the meantime I had met Ex-Brand X Bassist Percy Jones in London who had a wild solo project in his pocket, so I worked it out with him and released "Cape Catastrophe" as the second Hot Wire CD.

While mastering the tracks I met keyboard artist Koono from Stuttgart who was looking for a label for his newly recorded album in the style of Weather Report... I was floored! Big concepts were being worked out, and Joe Zawinul´s son Erich was hired to work out the cover design.


Up until 1999, I released about 45 CDs: Bass Solo (Percy Jones, Carol Kaye, Jimmy Earl, Jorge Degas), Guitar Album (Joe Pass, JazzSick, Bargain Hunters), Ethno-Fusion (Materia), Acid Jazz (Jon Hammond, Frootloop), Hip´n Funk-Jazz (Velvet Colors) and Easy Listening (Carol K. & the Hitmen).

Because the first Bass-Talk had done pretty well, the follow-up "More Bass-Talk!" was put out pretty soon. That one did not do so well... I should have stopped just then. But I felt like being on a mission, putting out one CD after the other... It took me a long while to find out that great music does not neccessarily yield to good sales figures: You need great promotion, a great distributor, great contacts to the media and a lot of money. The last one I did not have...

Meanwhile, the Internet had started to change the music world, and I had to react. I had shelled out a lot of cash... Drum ´n´ Bass was big, so my second label, Space Cadet Records, was founded in 1998, and was supposed to generate some sales. I concentrated on Electronic Music with jazzy influences, but in 1999 the sales were so bad I really started thinking of doing something completely different... I remembered my roots, and the production of hand-made bass guitars under the name of Hot Wire Bass began. Great to have a product which could not be dupilcated by a mouse-click! After my distributor EFA Medien went chapter eleven in 2004 we are looking for a sponsor... still searching in 2012....


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For the Bass-Talk Fans all albums are listed here!


ARE YOU READY FOR... (12/1989 LP, 01/1990 CD)

1. Kai Eckhardt & Torsten De Winkel /The Answering Machine 2. Colin Hodgkinson /Southpaw Rag 3. Frank Itt /Profilaxe 4. Laurence Cottle /Browns 5. Wolfhound's Kick/ Kick No. Two 6. Hattler/Kraus /Four Miles To Ulm 7. Kim Clarke/Heart Ascends 8. Mo Foster /Waves 9. Benjamin Hullenkremer/ Jazz Los 10. Berliner Bass Ballett/ Big Bass Boom 11. Hellmut Hattler /Li'l Sweetheart 12. Norbert Domling/ Lonesome Bass 13. Robert Burns /Gavotte in D



1. Edwin Van Huik/Anybody Home? 2. Krzysztof Scieranski/Blues 7/8 3. Kai Eckhardt-Karpeh/Dr.Karpeh 4. Lincoln Goines/Beat 5. Andreas Lonardoni/No Rest! 6. Wim Dijkgraaf/Gold Of The North 7. Thomas Stabenow/Mellow High 8. Percy jones/Yuppie Disease 9. Remy Chaudagne/Monk Bach Blues 10. Peter Sonntag/The Return Of B.Ph.



1. Laurence Cottle/Notorius 2. T De Winkel & Matteo Garrison/Nude Descending A Staircase 3. Carlos Benavent/Madrid 4. Randy Bernsen Trio/Yoto 5. Dave Larue/Juanita 6. Koono/Basstorius 7. Ben Huellenkremer & Kai Eckhardt/The Cat 8. Stefan Rademacher/Tribute 9. Alan Thomson & Dave Lewis/If Only 10. Mo Foster/The Man From The Everglades 11. Christoph Spendel/Mr.Bigband 12. Carlo Mombelli/The Marathon Runner



1. Ben Huellenkremer/Angriff Auf Der Ueberholspur 2. Alphonso Johnson/Two Sisters 3. Arnd Geise/Dancing With Iris 4. Badila Decebal/human Wave 5. Pascal Mulot/Purple Fire 6. Mark Egan/Duo Peace 7. Frieder Gottwald/Free Dare,The Bassrider 8. Kim Stone/We Know Where You Live 9. Hellmut Hattler/Emino Mine 10. Keith Jones/South Of Eden 11. Jimmy Earl/Pantarehi 12. Kai Eckhardt de Camargo/The Gift Of Music 13. Jorge Degas/Round Midnight 14. Carol Kaye/On Any Sunday


PLAY DA BASS... (1997)

1. Jay-Tee/Play Da Bass! 2. Victor Bailey/Controversy 3. Tim Lefebvre/Stepchild 4. Gary Willis/Ancient Promise 5. Vail Jahnson/Restless 6. Advocado with Materia/After The Jam 7. Scott Ambush/Down The Wire 8. Christophe Chambet/Oriane's Song 9. John Lee/Frame Of Mind 10. Ray Lewin/Congress Of Parliament 11. Sean Malone/Deep Blue 12. Chucho Merchan/I Know What It's Like 13. Matthew Garrison/Exitium 14. Jan-Olof Strandberg/In The Shadow Of The Great



1. Sasha Teuber/Bass Jungle 2. Roy Vogt & Victor Wooten/Victor-ious 3. Dough Wimbish /September 4. Adam Nitti /B Squared 5. Mike Manring/The Book Of Lies 6. Laurence Cottle Big band/I Got Ridov Em 7. Nils Kacirek/Ni-Ji 8. Robbie Gordon/Sec Jam 9. Franc O'shea/Pearl Esprit 10. Freddy Valeriani/What's The Point 11. Bunny Brunel/Tiger 12. Jorge Degas/The First Of August 13. Andreas Lonardoni/Cool Cat 14. Mario Doau/Forsaken



1. Magnum Coltrane Price/ Hot Wire, I Got Mine! 2. Ray Riendeau/ Liquid 3. Jeff Berlin /This Is Your Brain On Jazz 4. Marcus Miller/ Back In The Day 5. Tom Kennedy/"Rhythm Track" 6. Wolfgang Schmid with The Kick/Watts Up 7. Johann "Joe" Asmundsson/So Low 8. Roy Vogt /Burnin' 9. Norm Stockton /The Race 10. Claus Fischer/Zementmixer 11. Kai Eckhardt/Mamba Point 12. Georg Kolb /Die Alte Verbundenheit 13. Armin Metz/Back In The Jungle 14. Dann Glenn/The Old Harbour At Honfleur

Bass-Talk 8: a bass bolero (2004)

This masterpiece was produced and recorded by Harald Weinkum, a bassist from Vienna living in Los Angeles. The album unites elements from classial music, funk, jazz, and fusion, and we hear bass icons Gary Willis, Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Jimmy Haslip, Rocco Prestia, Marco Mendoza, Abraham Laboriel, Alain Caron, Alexis Skljarevski, Dave Carpenter, Ric Fierabracci, James Genus, Jimmy Earl and Bill Dickens. It would have been easy to get these players together on one album, but they all play on THE SAME TRACK, a 15 minute-long version of Ravel´s Bolero.

Also, the last recordings of the late and great sax player Bob Berg can be heard here. Horn men Fred Wesley and Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown, JB Horns, Maceo Parker) and Drummer Kirk Covington (Tribal Tech) are on board as well. and there´s more! So... a great listen, not just for bass lovers!

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