tone lifter for strat

East UK, maker of the famous J-Retro bass preamp, has a heart for guitar players as well and now introduces the Tone Lifter for the Fender® Stratocaster®.


The TONE LIFTER is a Preamp for Stratocaster guitars. British electronics engineer John East from RETRO fame designed it to give the guitarist more sound colors. So you can tickle more character and tone out of a limp-sounding guitar.

John East says: "Many famour strat players have modified the electronics in their guitars to create their individual sounds. The Tone Lifter re-creates many of them and leaves enough space for own classic sounds." 

Not only this: the Tone Lifter also works for humbucker guitars!

tone lifter kit


A stack knob replaces the tone pot in the middle and delivers an expanded midrange or combined bass- and high boost at a variable frequency setting. A switch on the upper knob activates a true bypass which recreates the original passive tone. This also happens when the battery runs out.

The Tone Lifter module has an integrated Lithium Polymer Battery which guarantees forty hours of power and is stored inside the guitar. It is recharged via the guitar´s output jack by a power supply that comes with the unit. The module can be installed without any woodworking or soldering, the guitar can be returned to original specs anytime. The Tone Lifter comes with a detailed installation manual.

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