hot wire pickups


A bass can only sound as good as the pickups installed! It´s a fact. We have been experimenting for a long time and then decided that we wanted our own...

In the year 2000 we got together with some bass pros and pickup designer Chris Dolf from Bassculture and started to develop the Hot Wire Pickup range. The first ones were stacked humbuckers (hence the name STACK) in a single coil format, with a high output, totally shielded and potted. Hot Wire Pickups deliver true bass sound, without any annoying noise.

These passive pickups pick up everthing the player gets out of the instrument. They also work great with active electronics. You will appreciate it when recording at the computer with the bass, working in the studio, or playing on a stage with lots of lighting.

HotWire Pickups fit any bass, we make them to order and sell them separately as well. 
HotWire Pickups upgrade any bass and can be ordered from us directly. 

buying hotwire pickups

you can order all of our pickups in our Shopify Online Store here:

Hot Wire Stack

  • HOTWIRE STACK 4 Bridge or Neck - 109 €
  • HOTWIRE STACK 4 Set - 207 €
  • HOTWIRE STACK 5 Bridge or Neck - 129 €
  • HOTWIRE STACK 5 Set - 245 €

hot wire prezz

The PREZZ delivers the real Rock Bass Sound! We have worked long on this one! The sound is reminiscent of gthe good old originals of the fifties and sixties. We use ceramic magnets on steel poles, and wind 0,056 wire on 7kohm per coil. Availalbe for four, five or six string basses.

  • PREZZ-Pickup 4 string - 78 €
  • PREZZ-Pickup 5 string - 88 €

hot wire pee-jay

The Pee-Jay combination is an all-time favourite giving you the best of both worlds: the phat rock tone, a crisp slap sound, and a great walking/Jaco tone!

  • PEE-JOTT KOMBI 4 string: 178 €
  • PEE-JOTT KOMBI 5 string: 198 €

hot wire MM

We make the Hot Wire MM for four and five stringers keeping the MM sound of the late seventies in mind. It works great with our Pee and Jay pickups and really shines in combination with our Retro MM-Electronics!

  • MM 4 Bridge - 99 €
  • MM 5 Bridge - 118 €

hot wire funderbucker

For maximum punch and variable sounds we created the Hotwire FUNDERBUCKER, a Soapbar with Split-Coil Function. It was designed for our Funderbird bass, but it works gereat in other bass too! Sounds like a great bass in singel coil mode, select the neck pickup and the humbucker position, you get pure rock n roll - already in passive mode!

  • FUNDERBUCKER 4 Bridge or Neck - 82 €
  • FUNDERBUCKER 4 SET - 156 €
  • FUNDERBUCKER 5 Bridge or Neck - 102 €
  • FUNDERBUCKER 5 SET - 194 €

Custom Pickup Covers

We stock many different pickup covers to meet your needs! If it is not black you want, we can finish them in cream or any color you like!
To fit the wood from your bass neck or body, we can make wooden pickup covers, also in the same finish if requested. We can also make your special pickup in a custom size if needed. 


  • wooden cover: pickup price plus 15 %
  • wooden cover plus hardwood top: pickup price plus 25 %

hot wire motherbucker

Watch out for the MOTHERBUCKER...! As there are different sounding "Sixties" and "Seventies" pickup positions, we thought it would be cool to have those in one pickup! The Motherbucker in soapbar size was used in our Flash model first, now also in the Inlaw. The combination fits any bass if you are not afraid to do some wood working!

The Motherbucker Pickup sports two stacked J-coils in one cover, and a mini 3 way switch taking you from 60ies "Jaco" to 70ies "Marcus" and also have a real phat tone when all coils are on!

Same with the neck pickup: two different J-sounds plus a phat P-tone when all coils are on. With neck and bridge pickups you have accces to virtually all vintage 7ender sounds and then some! So it is actually like having FOUR SEPARATE STACKED HUMBUCKERS in your bass...! 

We make them standard in black EMG Type covers. Pictured is optional Wooden Cover.

  • MOTHERBUCKER 4 Bridge or Neck - 218 €
  • MOTHERBUCKER 4 SET - 415 €
  • MOTHERBUCKER 5 Bridge or Neck - 258 €
  • MOTHERBUCKER 5 SET - 490 €
  • wooden cover: pickup price plus 15 %
  • wooden cover plus hardwood top: pickup price plus 25 %

hot wire w-bucker

Brand new: the W-BUCKER! W stands for WOW! Looks real dangerous and is used on our Inlaws. It pumps a lot of power for a real loud passive tone!  If ordering, let us know the string spacing required.

  • W-BUCKER 4 Bridge or Neck - 180 €
  • W-BUCKER 4 SET - 345 €
  • W-BUCKER 5 Bridge or Neck - 220 €
  • W-BUCKER 5 SET - 420 €

buying hotwire pickups

you can order all of our pickups in our Shopify Online Store here:

anything else?

On request, we use other makers´ pickups.  we have had good experiences with Harry Häussel, Seymour Duncan, Sadowsky, Delano, Nordstrand, Hansen (Lakland), Bartolini...