hot wire vintage pickups

Vintage Pickup

Hot Wire Vintage Pickups by LeoSounds

Authentic pickups are first choice when you want authentic Vintage Sound. The pickups are the heart of the bass and they have to be as close as possible to the originals in terms of material and production.

Pickup maker LeoSounds makes a series of hand-wound pickups exclusively for Hot Wire. We put them in our Hot Wire Vintage Basses but they can also be obtained separately.

Using classic alnico magnets, original wire and parts from the USA, Hot Wire Vintage Pickups look like they sound: Original!

single coil bass

This is the original Single-Coil Bass Pickup delivering the real Vintage Sound!

  • Single-Coil Bass 4 string Set 159 €
  • Single-Coil Bass 5 string Set 169 €

57 prezz

For all you P-Bass fans out there!

  • 1957 Prezz Pickup 109 €

51 prezz

For an original bass, built from 1951 thru 57, one just like Sting plays, you have to cough up real hard cash, if you are lucky enough to find one... the Hot Wire Vintage 51 Pickup is a painstakingly reproduced unit with an original sound.

  • Vintage 51 Bass Pickup 90 €