Six String Bass

six head

Although the fivestring is standard nowadays, every once in a while there is a request for one more... string, that is. So a player walked in looking for a bass the industry does not provide. He requested the same neck dimensions as his Yamaha Six. After checking thru our inventory, he fell in love with the sound of our XXL Inlaw low B... So it all boiled down to an alder body, big fat maple neck, one W-Bucker with just one passive volume knob. 

I suggested 24 frets, but he said he was used to having just 21... We got a big bridge made by ETS, and I selected Hipshot ultralite 3/8 machines for the job. When the bass was finally ready, I could not put it down! 

Needless to say, we can make one for you too! Choose from our various body styles, let us know which timbers you want to be used, give us your favourite neck dimensions, select your hardware, pickups and electronics, and we will get to work!

six strings

  • Body: Alder
  • Finish: bordeaux matte 
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Maple
  • Pickups: W-Bucker
  • Electronics: passive Volume
  • Hardware: Hipshot/ETS
  • weight in kilo: 4,5
  • List: 2798 Euro