meet the new chambers bass!

The Chambers Bass meets the demand of many players for a bass that´s easy on the back but fat in performance. The four- and fivestring models are just  around 3.9 kilos.

Despite of the Weight the Chambers Bass has a full sound. How is that? We use light swamp ash for the body, and have chambered it, thus reducing the weight without sound loss.

The ergonomically shaped body is the basis for the round tone. The maple neck with maple fingerboard is bolted on with six screws. Hipshot hardware throughout. Two Hotwire soapbars and Noll 3 band electronics enable fast access to the bass sounds you need on stage and in the studio.

Of course the bass can be ordered with other pickup- and electronics  configurations, also as neck thru, sixstring or fretless, in any finish imaginable. Go for it! 


  • Body: chambered swamp ash, hi gloss finish
  • Neck: Maple bolt on six screws
  • Fingerboard: maple, rosewood or ebony, matt finish 24 frets
  • Hardware: Hipshot
  • Pickups: HWB Soapbars by Bassculture
  • Electronics: Noll 3 Band
  • Price: Chambers IV Basic version 2898 €
  • Price: Chambers V Basic version 2998 €

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