how do I get hold of a hot wire bass?

Good question! Hot Wire basses are not available in shops. We don´t have big production, no distribution, no sales reps, no endorsers and no expensive advertising. We just have happy bass players that proudly play their Hot Wires on stage and in the studio. Everything goes by word of mouth, and we are selling directly to the musicians. You will talk directly to the guy who will be making your bass, and you will get exactly the instrument you want! 

First step: send us an email or call us. Then we will make either an appointment or start immediately!

In case you can visit us in our German showroom, you can check out about 20 different Hot Wire Basses. If you find what you like, you can take it with you right away. In case you know exactly what you want but we don´t have it here, you can place an order. We then will write up a spec sheet containing all info about your upcoming bass - tone wood for neck and body, neck shape and dimensions, pickups, electronics, hardware, finish...

We will discuss all details and print out a drawing which is signed by the customer, then we can start. Our team needs about two or three months to work out an order. In case time is tight or you are too far away from us, we can work out all details by phone and by mail. Any way, the player will get the instrument he has envisioned, hand-made in Germany, at a fair price.