J-Retro Deluxe

The J-Retro deluxe has the same functions as the J-Retro, but here you have an additional passive tone pot so you can roll off highs in passive mode. It also works in active mode, so you can soften down agressive mids, round off harsh highs etc. 

J-Retro deluxe


The Retro preamps have always had a slight pre-shape, so when switching to active, you get a few dBs boost on the low and high end, very gentle EQ. Some people like this initial lift from the pre-shape, players who like Marcus Style or a fatter low end etc.

But some people like no difference when going to active, those who tend to like more bridge pickup & mid-range. They sometimes say they try to dial out the pre-shape. The retro pre-shape has often been criticized.

This started off strictly as a one-off request, then others heard about it.... So John East decided to make it a standard product - can be ordered now!


The J-Retro Deluxe requires a side jack which is easy to do for a guitar tech or hobbyist! Detailed instructions included.  

deluxe tek

As with the J-Retro, the 9 volt battery fits under the board.

pricing and hardware

  • J-Retro Deluxe
  • Chrome - 310 €
  • Black - 325 €
  • Gold - 339 €
  • plus shipping to your country

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