Custom Retro

There is a fitting Retro for any bass, but if you have a special idea which goes beyond that, we can help you out! Take Paul L. for instance.... he figured that two pickups, each one equipped with one complete P-Retro, would give him limitless sound colors.... So we worked that out! What does he say now?

"Extasy! I played the Double P for the first time rehaersing with a real loud band! The double P is a real sound wonder! Everything inlcuded! Punchy sound throughout!

The bass itself is superb liek all of my Hotwires, with the electronics topping it all off! Unbelievable... even batter than I imagined!

This bass can be recommended to anybody.... The sound is always there, you can twirl the knobs and any position is usable! You might  at first lose the overview as every change of knob position will bring you a new world of sound which has to be explored...!" 

Double Pee = P-Retro x 2

Two complete P-Retro modules hooked up and powered by two 9 volt batteries. Very tidy cockpit: four double pots control all functions.

pricing and hardware

  • depending on complexity and agreement!

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