UNI-PRE 4 Knob

the ultimate active solution for basses with four knobs!

We're pleased to announce our latest universal bass preamp, the UNI-PRE by East UK. Designed to fit virtually any bass with rear cavity electronics, it is available in 3, 4 or 5 knob configurations as either 2 or 3 band EQ. Although it is designed as a complete system, the Volume/ Blend and EQ modules are also available individually for stand-alone use.


The UNI-PRE 4 Knob is a new generation bass preamp system from East UK. It’s a brand new design that sets new standards with unique features, designed to fit virtually any bass which has 4 knobs with rear cavity electronics. But note it also requires a toggle for active/passive switching. The modular construction makes for easy installation, with simple plug connections between modules. External wiring, such as pickups and power, are simply connected using screw terminals.

Bass- and treble controls can be fine-tuned separately from the inside. The mid control is parametric. The volume/pan module features separate active and passive signal paths.


UNI-PRE 3 Knob, 4 Knob or 5 Knob fit any bass with back routing. If you arrange the board and wires cleverly, it will fit any bass.

uni-pre functions


• FLAT RESPONSE: Neutral response setting.
• PRE-SHAPE: Gentle lift at the lower and higher frequencies, peaking +4dBs at 40Hz & 10kHz.
• PICKUP GAIN: Internal Trimmers 0-12dBs for each pickup in Active Mode.
• BASS CONTROL: +/- 18dBs Cut/Boost with internally adjustable ‘bass window’.
• BASS WINDOW: Lower Frequency Filter 20-80Hz & Higher Frequency Filter 40–200Hz.
• MID CONTROL: +/- 14dBs Cut/Boost with Frequency Sweep 100Hz – 2.5kHz.
• TREBLE CONTROL: +/- 18dBs with internally Shelf Frequency 1kHz – 7.5kHz, Pull for Bright peaking at 10kHz. 


  • Uni-Pre 3 Knob
  • Chrome - 289 €
  • Black - 305 €
  • Gold - 319 €

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