Great care also goes into the instrument´s finish. Our PUR-satin-smooth-finish is standard, but we offer optional matte and hi-gloss finishes in all colors. Vintage aficiados love our Nitro finishes which are just like they did it fifty years ago.

Pur - Matte - Higloss

Here is an alder body with standard PUR finish. Alder is great for PUR as this wood´s grain structure allows for a clean flat surface unlike swamp ash which has an open grain structure, and you can feel it under the PUR finish. Natural and black (alder only) are possible.

See here an alder body with a Matte finish. Various layers of finish with wet sanding in between give you a clean flat surface. The matte finish also appeals to players who don´t want strong reflections of stage lights on the bass.


Here we have the classic HiGloss finish. It requires many layers of finish. Any color is possible, also the sought-after sixties custom colors!

...also see our custom colors - down below!


A nice sunburst finish, called "burst" by the expert, gives you a temperature! So many posibilities - the classic being yellow - red - black - with the ash grain shining through.

Tobacco Sunburst without red displays the flamed maple top more elegant and discrete.

Siena Sunburst without black makes the flamed maple top shine through a bit more.

Greenburst on swamp ash - looking great!

Custom Colors

We just love those Custom Colors from the sixties! I got my first Fender Precision Bass back in 1969. I wanted a sunburst bass, but the shop only had one in Candy Apple Red. I bought it, but it took me some time to get used to the color - now I can´t get enough of it!

Lake Placid Blue, Burgundy Mist, Foam Green, Vintage White, Sonic Blue, Fiesta Red.... we just love that beautiful stuff! It´s incredible how those colors change under stage lighting! If you also dig those crazy colors, or have an idea for a special finish on your bass, send us a color sample and we will match it.

Sonic Blue

This beauty sports a swamp ash Hot Wire Vintage V Body with a "Sonic Blue" higloss finish, a dark birdseye maple neck with "P-bass" dimensions, two coil-tapped Bartolini humbuckers with active 2band electronics. "This is the bass I will play for the rest of my life," the happy customer said when he dropped in to pick up his new baby.

Candy Apple Red

Candy Apple Red is my absolute favourite! Combined with a white scratchplate, this looks absolutely gorgeous! The dark birdseye neck has a special two-colored grain pattern that is hard to find. If you look closer, you can see the J-Retro and the snazzy Perloid scratchplate. 

Lake Placid Blue

Lake Placid Blue is the official name for this metallic blue finish, and we always get excited when somebody actually orders a custom color as most players prefer to see the wood! Nothing wrong with that, but a nice custom color is sooo attractive...! A well-known player from Austria ordered a "working bass" and he told us, "make it a nice blue" and "put Ken Smith Two-Band electronics in it please!" So we did it!
A Perloid Scratchplate always looks great! And does this bass sound as good as it looks? sounds even better!

A Lighter Side Of Blue

This shade is much lighter as Lake Placid, and not as pale as Sonic Blue. Let´s just call it "HotWire Blue". It has a slight metallic touch which is hard to capture in the pic. The scratchplate has a touch of mint to capture the vintage vibe. A pearloid scratchplate would also look great here.

The Golden Age of Jazz

I saw a golden Jazz Bass on TV and knew I just had to have one like that! It took us quite some time to get this finish right, but it was well worth the time invested. See on the pics how the color changes depending on the lighting!

This bass has a swamp ash body, birdseye maple neck, Le Fay pickups in Funky configuration and is really heavy: 5.3 kilos! But the sound is awesome! It pumps a heavy tone with crisp highs and you won´t believe it is passive! It got sold before I could fit a scratchplate and is now being played in a Soul Band in Luxemburg! (I still haven´t got a Gold Bass)

Tele Blonde

The bass color pictured here is "Telecaster Blonde" with just a hint of the swamp ash grain shining through, topped off with a nice tortoise scratchplate. 

neck finish

Most players love our satin finish on the neck, it makes the neck feel like a well-played 30 year old bass. The hand can slide effortlessly, you can feel the wood, but it´s protected nevertheless. Alternatively, we offer an oil/wax finish on the back of the neck. The sweat makes the maple turn to a greenish tint over the years, adding to the vintage vibe.