headless inlaw bass

Headless is an eighties thing. First came Steinberger, followed by Status, and in 1982 I was busy with Wolfgang Staabs company SKC designing a Mr. Bassman Headless with a neck made of carbon, which we named SLAPPER. Headless quickly became  an eighties trend, headless basses popping up everywhere... A couple years later bassists found that graphite sounded cold and looked ugly, and the wooden neck with headstock came back. With "Vintage" becoming big, headless sudddenly was yesterday´s news. 

But we should not forget the advantages: the headless bass is a great travel companion as it is not so long, fits into a small case or bag, may go into the hand luggage compartment on the plane, and pumps out a great sound. It is not neck heavy, and experts even seem to hear a more direct sound due to the lack of headstock mass.

As one customer mentioned our XXL bass being pretty long I offered building it as a headless. So we went into the planning stage and drew up a first design incorporating the customer´s whishes: Extra long scale, 24 frets, just one fat pickup with passive electronics, high quality tuners, high quality timbers with great looks and tone.

So it became an Inlaw-shaped alder body, with an attractively figured olive-ash top, the matte finish giving a natural wood feel. We made the neck from various strips of maple to guarantee utmost stability, and the maple fingerboard provides additional brilliance. Our W-Bucker offers a lot of passive power and thrusts out a great slap sound in the parallel position, in series it pumps a real fat tone, which can be shaped with the passive tone control. No need for active, or an additional pickup, although we can do it if requested! 


Actually we can do anything...! The neck can be bolt-on or neck-thru. We can install any pickup(s) and any electronics, hi-gloss finish, LEDs in the neck, whatever you may think of... The Hot Wire Team is ready for you!

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