Inlaw extra Lite

Just 3300 grams is the overall weight of this new model, the Inlaw Extra Lite, designed for bass players with bad backs demanding a phat sound that is easy on the back. Now they can have it! The body is made of chambered swamp ash, the maple neck is either thru or bolt-on. The scale is medium (82 cm) or long (86 cm) and the headless construction saves additional weight and length. Conservative players can get it with a conventional headstock. One Hotwire W-Bucker pumps out a serious tone and can be tweaked with electronics of your choice. We recommend the East Uni-Pre.

When a customer told me, his heavy bass was spoiling his fun at the gig, I realized he needed something light, but with a great sound. A heavy bass always pumps out serious tone, but it is heavy on the shoulders, so it was on us to create a light-weight bass with heavy sound pressure. So where can we save weight? When a four string  is requested, we can go to medium scale - that´s more comfortable to play and still sounds great! Headless is more compact, so we omitted the headstock. 24 frets of course, a phat pickup, flexible electronics, stable tuners, and selected wood with a good sound. 


"Headless" combined with "Medium Scale" has its advantages: It fits into a small case or gigbag, and and you don´t have to compromise the sound. It is not at all neck-heavy... experts even think it sound more "direct" because of the missing head.


So the final construction became a slightly scaled-down Inlaw body, with some chambers in the swamp ash to even save more weight and a matte finish so you can feel the grain structure. We built the neck out of three strips of maple to get more stability, and the ebony fingerboard delivers additional brilliance. The W-Bucker has a lot of passive power and its wiring offers three bassic sounds: The parallel position pumps out a great slap tone, the serial position gives you a serious phat sound, and we have added a single coil position for traditional tones. If you want, active electronics can be added. Also a second pickup, although the W-Bucker alone can get you thru the night.

custom wishes

Anything goes! For the smaller budget, we suggest a bolt-on neck. Two pickups of choice with active electronics can be done, a high-gloss finish, LEDs in the neck and whatever you can think of - the Hot Wire Team is at your service!

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