This Hot Wire Custom Bass is a headless model in XXL Scale (900 mm) and has a solid swamp ash body, a three-piece bolt-on maple/ebony neck, all in matte finish. At the bridge, one Hotwire W-Bucker provides maximum power and the 1/2 W-Bucker in the neck position enables the player to dig in while slapping. The East Uni-Pre 5K offers full control on all frequencies. ETS bridge, tuner and headpiece all in black chrome. 

On a typical day the customer walks in and tries all the basses that I put in his hands, depending on what he tells me. So after a while, we both know what he is looking for. Most of the time it is a combination of features on various basses which I then combine into a bass that is just right for him.

In this case, he liked the sound of our W-Buckers, and also required 24 frets, but then he found that the neck pickup got in the way while slapping. So I suggested that we put in a 1/2 W-Bucker - problem solved. He requested a strong neck, so we made it out of three strips of maple for added stability. He favoured an ebony fingerboard, so he got one.

Big variety in tone control was needed, so I installed an East Uni-Pre 5 K. He also favoured the sound of our XXL models, so we made it a 900 mm scale. Our man requested a light bass, so we picked some beautiful swamp ash,  and did not want his bass to be top-heavy, so I suggested a headless design, which he accepted after some thinking.

Three months later we had the bass ready to be picked up - one more very happy player!

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