Inlaw 521 BO

inlaw 521

Inlaw 521 BO? Model Inlaw, five string, 21 frets, bolt-on neck. As you see we improved the neck joint: the neck plate is gone, six screws offer more stability, and we have sculpted the neck/body junction. 


The body is made of alder, and we have put on a Quilted Maple and Dark Quilted Maple top in a zebra-configuration. This particular bass with this top is unique! We have various beatifully figured tops in stock and can do nice one-off, also see Supertop and Dream Bass!

The 521 has a great attack. The Funderbucker pickups offers a broad frequency range. The U-Retro Four Knob delivers from Slap to Old School Reggae.

The Inlaw BO is available in 4, 5 and 6 string versions, 7 and 8 stringers on special request!

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