hot wire porno bass

Why on earth do we call it the PORNO BASS? Well, the Buckeye Burl top in Germany generally is regarded as the "porn" look on basses!  So we thought the name would be most penetrative! Take a closer look in our Porno Gallery and you will see what we mean!

The Porno Bass is completely manufactured in our German workshop, handmade from carefully seasoned timbers, selected and certified. 24 frets on the maple neck with the fingerboard of your choice (ebony, rosewood or maple). Massive alder body, handwound Hotwire pickups, driven by East or Noll active electronics. Your choice of finish. Hipshot Hardware.

All that for a reasonable price: 4500 € (5 string version) including gigbag!

Porno Bass Specs

  • Swamp Ash Body
  • Neck Thru Design
  • 5 piece Maple Neck
  • Extra Long Scale
  • Highgloss Finish
  • Buckeye Burl Top
  • Hotwire W-Bucker Pickups
  • Noll 3Bd EQ
  • mini-switches for serial/singlecoil/parallel for each pickup
  • Black Hipshot Hardware

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