Inlaw 524 BO


The Inlaw Bolt On has a bolt-on neck, as pictured with a seven strips maple/mahogani, with an ebony board. This construction gives you a fast attack and detailed tonal reproduction.

524 = five strings, 24 frets! BO = Bolt On neck. The Inlaw 524 BO pictured sports a seven strip neck maple/mahogany with ebony fingerboard. This construction provides a fast attack and detailed tonal response.


  • neck-thru, laminated
  • bolt-on, one piece or laminated
  • 21 frets one piece
  • 21 frets laminated
  • 24 frets laminated
  • fingerboards: rosewood, maple, ebony, pau ferro


We offer various scales for significant sounds and playing feels!

Long Scale 864 mm/34 inches - the most commonly used scale with the sound and feel we all know!

Medium Scale 820 mm/32 inches - the medium scale offers a twangy sound for fast solo licks! For the lead bass player, but also great for people with short fingers!

XXL Scale 914 mm 35 inches - extralong scale delivers a very tight sound and a thunderous low B - most players hardly notice that the neck is slightly longer!

body wood

Depending on your tonal desires, we make the body from two pieces of swamp ash, alder, or mahogany. We can laminate a nicely figured hardwood top on request, that doesn´t only look great but also adds to the tone. The finish is either matte or hi-gloss. We always apply a matte finish to the backside of the neck because it plays much nicer.


Our W-Bucker pickups produce a BIG tone already in passive mode. We recommend the Noll 3Band electronics with active bass, high and parametric midrange controls. Plus passive tone. The sound produced goes from hardest P-Funk to lowest Reggae bark, funky Marcus plus singing Jaco included! If that´s too much, we can fit a 2 Band Noll, or go passive - the sound comes from the wood anyhow! Depending on the bassic sound required, we can put on our Funderbuckers, or a PJ-combination.

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