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The Hot Wire Inlaw is our top-of-the-line model! This bass is available in various versions to suit every sound taste and every budget! Depending on the tone requested, we build the bass with various tone woods and pickups/electronics configurations. Special neck dimensions can also be incorporated.


  • For the sound desired and best possible playing feel we offer various neck variations:
  • bolt on neck, one piece or laminated, fingerboard of choice with 21 frets
  • neck-thu, laminated, fingerboard of choice with 24 frets
  • back of neck is finished matte for playing comfort
  • the neck is generally made of maple, if laminated with mahogany strips.
  • the fingerboard is either rosewood, maple, ebony or pau ferro.


  • The string length is a crucial ingredient to the desired sound and playing feel!
  • Long Scale 864 mm/34 inches - most widely used scale with well-know sound and playing feel.
  • Medium Scale 820 mm/32 inches - a sound with twang for fast solo licks! For the lead player, but also great for people with small hands!
  • XXL Scale 914 mm 35 inches - Extra long offers a tight sound with a thunderous low B - most player don´t even notice that the bass is a bit longer.


Depending on the sound requested, we build the body either from swamp ash, alder or mahogany. With a bolt-on neck, the body is generally made from two pieces. With a thru-neck, body wings are glued on. We can fit a figured top of choice, adding to the look, but also supporting the tone...


Depending on the construction and timbers used a special finish is required to protect the wood and make it look even better! Our basic alder body version comes with a matte finish. Generally, everything is possible: Hi-gloss, custom color, vintage nitro finish, metallic....


Our new W-Bucker has a big tone in passive mode already. Various wirings (in series, parallel etc.) are possible on request. Funderbucker soapbars, a J-set or PJ-set can also be supplied.

For the sound "doctor" we have our "Motherbucker" Pickup - two stacked J-pickups in a soapbar cover, plus three-way switch. Which means: the bass with two Motherbuckers has FOUR pickups, all stacked hubuckers. For stage and studio use, this combination gives acces to virtually all vintage sound combination of the fifties, sixties and seventies, with lots of room for own sound creations.


Our W-Buckers work really well with the Noll 3 Band with active bass, high and parametric midrange. There is a passive tone control as well. Using Soapbars, Motherbuckers, J or PJ Sets, the Retro-Electronics is our first choice. The big difference between Retro and Noll is the boost: J and U-Retro provides a big boost already in the zero setting, Noll electronics do not boost, just offer tonal variation.

The famouse "U-Retro" electronics with active bass, high, and parametric mid range control, plus high end boost, pan pot and additional passive tone control, give acces to virtually all sound a player can think of!

In case a simpler operation is wanted, we have Noll or Glockenklang or provide a puristic passive cirquit - the sound coming from the wood anyhow!


Hipshot machines keep the bass in tune. The bridge also comes from Hipshot. Alternatives come from Badass, Schaller, ETS and Gotoh. All hardware is available in chrome, black and gold. 

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