schoengeist bass

Hot Wire´s new Baby is called SCHOENGEIST…. (the name was suggested by a dear friend)

It started with a customer´s desire for a new body design. He sent us a rudimentary scetch. After we futzed around with it on the computer screen, sculpting the roundings and trimming off the rough edges, we started to like it. We also designed a complete new headstock for it.

A one-piece body made of Khaya mahogany for a warm, round tone. Oil-wax finish for a smooth look and feel. A mahogany neck with ebony board, bolt on, also adding to the tone. Hipshot hardware of course.  To further enhance the looks of the bass, we had our friend Alperious in Instanbul make us some custom plates for the body and headstock. Don´t you like it?

Our W-Bucker can be switched in serial-parallel-single coil mode, giving you three distinct voices in passive mode already. We added a 1/2 W-Bucker split coil in the neck position for additional tonal variety. Passive mode already gives you a great allround bass sound, and by rolling off the highs, you have the best walking bass tone you can imagine. 

Switching the East Uni-Pre 5K into active, you can go from a round and warm Jaco- or real deep Reggae sound to a pronounced Miller-like thumbing sound by a turn of the knob(s).


  • Body: Khaya Mahogany one-piece, Oil-Wax Finish
  • Neck: mahogani with board, bolt-on, matte finish, 21 frets
  • Hardware: Hipshot
  • Pickup: HWB W-Buckers by Bassculture
  • Electronics: East Uni-Pre 5K
  • Prices starting at 2998 €
  • Price as pictured 3598 €

As always, you can order this bass with other pickup-configurations, other electronics, also as a Fivestring, with 24 frets, or as a fretless. You name it - we do it for you!