super duper top

When the best is just good enough...

The mission is: "build me the best bass you have ever made! It must be light, and super easy to play, with a BIG sound..."

So we set out to build the Hot Wire Super Duper Top Bass! 

To create the best bass we´ve ever made (so far), we chose medium scale for easy handling, and a chambered swamp ash body for light weight. Quilted maple „double“ top with double walnut binding and high gloss finish for outstanding looks and increased definition of the upper frequency range. 

To get started, we make an exact drawing of the project.

For easy playability we choose medium scale, and plan a chambered swamp ash body for reduced weight. A quilted maple top with walnut binding caters for a breathtaking appearance and a more pronounced definition of the upper frequencies.

The three-part maple neck has two graphite rod for increased stability, a two-way truss rod, a narrow 36 mm nut und narrow stainless steel frets. The ebony fingerboard comes with pearl block inlays and a cream binding for that vintage look and feel. The three-piece maple neck with satin finish sports two instrument-grade carbon rods for extra strength, a two-way truss rod, a narrow nut (36 mm) and thin stainless steel frets. Ebony fingerboard with pearl blocks. Cream-colored binding for the vintage look and feel. This neck plays itself! The big 51-style "scratchplate" is bated dark and offset with double walnut bindings to go with the body rim.


Three Hotwire Motherbucker double-coil pickups with matching wood covers. Each pickup unit can be switched in serial/single/parallel mode. „Serial“ gives you a real fat tone, „single“ engages just one double coil, „parallel“ means both double coils are in parallel mode. So if you set „single“ (middle position of switch) on both neck and bridge pickup with the middle pickup turned down, you have a jazz bass sound.

The neck pickup alone in „serial“ delivers a great P-Bass sound.
The bridge pickup only, set to „serial“ gives you a full Jaco tone.
There is a lot of room for experimentation!

The controls are: master volume, pan pot for neck and bridge pickups, plus an extra volume control for the middle pickup on top which also functions as an active/passive push/pull switch. Third knob is the mid control, followed by the double pot for bass and highs of the Noll active electronics.

Possible pickup combinations are: Neck only, bridge only, neck and bridge together, neck and middle, bridge and middle, neck, middle and bridge. This gives you access to all the vintage 7ender tones, plus some great sounds of its own. Add to that the serial-single-parallel mode and you have a big number of sound combinations ranging from subtle to outrageous.

Matching headstock to round it all off. Eat your heart out, bass bros!

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