supertop II

We got the request for an easy playing bass with familiar looks, but with that certain something. It should be a workhorse, but with a distinctive appearance. So we choose the P-stsle, but with 24 frets and two soapbar pickups and a ramp in between (which could also be a pickup). The typical 51 scratchplate looks good, but would hide the beatiful mahogany.

So we had the idea to paint the scratchplate on! The khaya mahogany body already looks great with matte finish, the contrast was made by a Gibson-type cherry red, running all the way over the front pickup.

Bassculture Soapbars to our specs, Noll 3 Band electronics, a Schaller 2000 bridge and Hipshot Tuners. It works, it´s easy to operate and can stand a bruisin´. To match the ebony fingerboard, black hardware and Black Wires from Pyramid: OK!

Of course we can build this one with an ash- or alder body without the fancy finish, in this case the bass is called PREZZ.

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