This Hot Wire looks like it has been on the road for a while! It shows all the wear and tear from long years of rough and tough handling on stage. Is it for the Fities - or from the Sixties? For people who love the vibes of old gear we have created the Vintage Dream Series, so they can keep their valuable originals at home.

Check the body: Fiesta Red nitro finish on the alder body that has beautifully aged with some weather checking and dings and dongs in the usual places. The big 51-inspired scratchplate has turned yellow over the years. Handwound Hotwire P- and soap-type pickups deliver sweet vintage tones with classic passive volume and tone controls. To top it off, you can switch on the active Noll 2band electronics.

Feel the neck: Tough sweat has caused the finish to disappear in the most played aeras so it feels just right. The dimensions are just like you would expect it from the finest J-type basses. Note pearl block inlays and slightly yellowed cream bindings. This adds to the sixties-vibe. Did I mention this bass is medium scale? It just plays itself and sounds just like the big ones!
(We felt free to include our six bolt neck contruction, zero fret and active electronics. This might not be vintage to purists, but it helps sound and handling.) 

Dominik on Vintage Dream 51

Hear the sound: Everything you´d expect from a vintage bass is there, at your fingertips! Dial in a P-sound and bring back some memories. Go to the bridge pickup and dig in: Where is Jaco? Both pickups on full: Bass regards to Marcus! Turn on the active electronics: now it is another animal! Or go back all the way and string up with some flatwounds. Take your pick at some sixties classics, or some raw rhythm and blues. The look and feel of this bass will give you the inspiration to create. Old school or modern, you can do it!

Whats´s the point? Most players love their vintage basses, but it is risky to take them to a gig or tour because something gets damaged or stolen, it is irreplaceable.... And there might be considerable money involved. So we can take the worry off your back and supply you with a vintage workhorse that wil give you the sound, feel and looks that you love. And keep your valuable vintage originals at home.

All the details you love from vintage basses we can incorporate in your very own Hot Wire bass of your dreams. Even the amount of aging can be determined by the customer: slightly used, well-loved, or heavy abused. Also, it won´t break your bank.

Rock til you roll!