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blues bass


The Hot Wire Blues Bass is a Vintage Style Hollowbody Bass, based on the early fifties´ Kay Electric Bass. This bass was often played by blues players that lacked the dough to buy a Fender. Muddy Waters, Howlin´ Wolf and their peers - you can hear the Kay on those old recordings!

The Blues bass sports a hollow body with a flat maple top and a rounded maple back, complete with maple bindings. The set-in medium scale maple neck has a rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets. The pickup, developed by Bassculture, sports passive tone and volume controls. Hipshot Ultralite machines keep the bass in tune. 

Strung with Pyramid Flatwound strings, the Blues bass delivers a big sound which is particularily suited for Blues, Jazz and early Rock ´n´ Roll. The entirely handmade instrument weighs only 2.5 kilos and the price is 2498.- Euro. 


When I heard Erkan Özdemir´s fat bass sound with Memo Gonzales and the Bluescasters I wanted that for myself! And I am not the only one... Erkan plays old Kay basses from the fifties, and those basses are hard to find. Probably easier to recreate than to get hold of an old one... Those early Kays go for crazy money on Ebay. and then you have to take it to a bass builder to get it in good playing condition.

Erkan lent me a Kay from his collection, and we started to analyse the bass and the pickup. We even managed to improve the design a bit without altering the great tone.  When the first Blues Bass was ready, Erkan tested it in the studio during the Bluescasters sessions for their new album. Today nobody knows on which tracks the Blues Bass can be heard, as the sound is so close to the original Kay.


The Blues Bass neck has a truss-rod and a dovetail-joint, both of which the original does not have.

Instead of plywood we use solid maple for the top. 

The original pickup is microphonic, we silenced it a bit to avoid finger noises and the like and also eliminate feedback. The bass has a trapeze string holder and Hipshot tuners.

Each Hot Wire Blues Bass is entirely hand-made in Germany and as always, customer requests can be acomplished. So we offer various finish options and colors, and fretless versions and also a five string Blues Bass is possible!


The strings used have a very big influence on the sound.

The real blues sound comes alive with flatwound strings!! For Blues and Jazz flatwound strings like Pyramid Gold Flatwounds sound very authentic!

Pyramid Black Nylons also sound great. They bring out the double-bass-like tone even more!

With roundwound strings the Bues Bass sounds like a big acoustic guitar. Great for soloists!

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