Vintage 51 Bass

Vintage 51

Vintage 51 brings back the Fifties!

I always liked Leo´s first Precision, but I thought about a modern 21 century version for today´s players! So we got to work. We had to enlarge the scratchplate to take all the controls. In fact we had the 1956 version in mind as that one had already the rounded edges and contour shapings. However, if someone wants a slab body, we can do it! We can also do the very early version with a single coil pickup and two knobs on a control plate!

This one has Hot Wire Funderbucker Pickups, Hipshot Hardware and U-Retro ultra Vintage looks combined with Hot Wire sound and handling!


The body is made of alder, but can be swamp ash or even mahogany. Matte or hi-gloss finish.

Necks are maple, rosewood or ebony.

Schaller or Hipshot hardware. Passive or active electronics to order!


We make them in three scales:

Long Scale 864 mm[

Medium Scale 820 mm

XXL Scale 915 mm

Deep Impact

Our "Deep Impact" will do it to you! XXL scale for a thight sound, Glockenklang 3Band for simple but effecive sound design. 

Wishbone Bass

Extremely figured maple neck requested? No problem!

This passive 51´s scratchplate is inspired by the 1972 Telecaster bass.

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